Meta: Episode #1

Artosis’ new show about Starcraft debuting this week with guests @RootCatz, @Moongladeau and @RooTheognis, kicked off with a bang with a discussion about this weekend’s upcoming Dreamhack tournament, Global WCS chat including the issues that plagued the North American version, followed by a robust balance talk about a multitude of units.

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11 Comments on "Meta: Episode #1"

  • DaZergTastic

    Will this be a weekly show? I really hope it doesn’t go anywhere as i feel like it has really great potential. please keep it coming and thank you for putting it on itunes

  • Pingiffy

    where did the music come from?

  • BoxerIsMyPapa

    Where can one find the music from this episode? I would like to add it to my sc2 playlist lol

    Please keep doing this show its fucking awesome. Fuck the haters I will watch this and sotg.

  • actfast

    great show artosis, keep them comin!!

  • Flod

    Well done artosis!

  • philipstation

    I hope there is no drama between artosis and jp :( i will definitely be watching both shows…but as much as i loved sotg i am more interested in gameplay and artosis is easily my favorite caster so if i had to choose meta would definitely have to be my choice. i just hope that both shows continue.

  • DVvarveN

    I love the show <3
    Any Idea where I can get my hands on that sweet intro/outro music?

    • Sympatico

      The artist that created it should be releasing a full version soon :) Stay tuned, and thanks!

      • DVvarveN

        Oh I will ^^

  • Robdogbert

    This show is amazing!!! I love Artosis and I hope this show goes on forever!!!

    Will there be another episode next week? I am also curious about the music, will it be released as an mp3?

  • HaTeFuL_BaDgEr

    I fucking hate Hellbats so much…yes they are OP imho…healed and repaired? So stupid. Keep the show up, I really want to hear more about the actual game please.

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