Meta: Episode #2



Tonight’s episode will be featuring Artosis and guests: RootCatz, Rotterdam and X5′s Pig!

Artosis and guests will be covering a bunch of topics, starting out with commenting on the best games of this past weekeend’s best games at Dreamhack. They will then talk about the realities of being a foreigner pro-gamer and then delving into the real meat of the show with a discussion about 2-base zerglings into 3-base Ultralisks in ZvP, as well as much much more!

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4 Comments on "Meta: Episode #2"

  • Anonymous

    love this blog

  • Christoffer

    Awesome trailer for the show. Though it says Dreamhack Summer 2013, I suppose it should say Dreamhack Open Stockholm 2013.

  • McLoL

    Lol, second and last….

  • Great stuff, really enjoy the show and this additional SC2 content! DH was awesome, WCS NA & EU are decent enough and GSL is amazing as usual. This is what I love about GSL – even the players feel that they want to keep it as the best SC2 show on earth by making a group of death like this. Tonight is going to be siiiiick!!

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